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Silage Film

Silage wrap film is a packaging product that wrap and store silage, prevent evaporation of water,promotes in-pack fermentation, and improves nutrient content . It can be stored for a long time,completely eliminating the unstable feed supply caused by improper storage and bad weather.

  . Against U.V. more than 12 months outdoor
  . Suitable for use on both round and square balers
  . Three colors: white, green and black, depending on client's needs
      Available models: 25μm*750mm*1500m 

                                  Note: Other size is available.


- High quality of raw materials

- 5-layers blown extruded film

- Excellent holding power and stretch ability

- Excellent puncture,abrasion and tear resistance

- Reduce storage and operational costs

- Well-packaged for roll protection

Shade Net

Shade net also known as shading nets, is nearly 10 years to promote a new type of agriculture, fishing, animal husbandry, wind, cover and other special protective cover material. After the summer cover to play a block light, rain, moisture, cooling effect. Winter and spring after there is a certain coverage of the role of insulation and humidification.

  . Material:virgin HDPE+UV protection additive.

  . Width:1m-12m(as per required).

  . Length:1m-500m(as per required). 

  . Color:white;green;blue;sand;black,etc.. 

  . Shade Rate:30%-98%(as per required). 

  . Type:Warp Knitted. 

  . Useful life:2-10 years.


- Widely used in outdoor sunshine protection.

- Helping reduce the use of phytosanitary products against insects / plagues

- Allowing maximum ventilation in hot seasons.

Shade Sail

In that hot summer, protection from the harmful effects of the sun is needed in all outdoor, for example: the garden swimming pool outdoor parking lot etc, all need sunshade very much, shade sail can bring you a little cool in summer.

  . Service life:More than 5 years
  . Shade rate:95%
  . Colors:15 general colors to choose from (Customizable).
  . weight:150-350g/㎡ (Customizable).
  . Product size:
     Triangle:3*3*3m 3.6*3.6*3.6m 5*5*5m
      Rectangle:2*3m 2*4m 3*4m 3.6*4.8m 4*6m
      Square:3*3m 3.6*3.6m 4*4m 5*5m
      Note: the product dimensions can be customized according to the customer's requirements.


-Good quality raw material


-Reinforced edges with grommets so that make it easy to attach and remove.

Hay Knife

  . Easy-to-use Net Wrap remover

  . Cut off your Net Wrap with no hassle

  . Indestructible

  . Replaceable blade