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Innovative pallet packaging solutions

JCPLAS's idea for producing Pallet Net is for fixation of goods on pallet that is used for palletizing of such kinds of products which could be devaluated by moisture in case of using standard stretch film (fresh vegetables,eggs, turf, seeding, dairy and cheese products etc.).



- Fruit and vegetable packing

- Eggs

- Turf, sod, seedlings, tree and plant nurseries

- dairy and cheese products

- fumigation, blast-freezing, hot fill applications, canneries,

- construction materials, bricks, blocks, roof tiles, firewood, kindling, chemicals 

– salt, bags of warm products


  • Benefits
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In each of the above applications, lack of air flow can cause condensation,deterioration and product rejection. Netting provides air flow to prevent these problems.

Netting is recyclable and reduces the volume of packaging to be disposed of by up to 45% compared to film.

Hand rolls :

· Rolls width: 50cm (or by request)

· Length: 500-1000m.

· Packing:  carton / pallet.

· Availability: Ask for your free 150m sample roll + application leaflet.

Machine rolls:

· These vary in length from 3000m – 6000m.

· Fit on most wrapping machines.

· We prefer to match the most suitable grade to each application to achieve optimal results.