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Effective & Humane Bird Netting-Keeps Birds Out and Prevents Damage

Annoyed by the squirrels or birds steeling your ripe fruits? 

Bothered by the deer or chipmunks destroying the plants?

JCPLAS®  Anti Bird Net will be a useful protector, keeping bird, deer and other critters 

from your crops like beans,corn, peppers and tomatoes, fruit trees like apple, pear and 

oranges, flower plants. However, it won’t cause serious damage to crops and animals 

like chemical products.

Benefit and Function of Bird netting

  • ULTIMATE PROTECTION FROM BIRDS: Protect your blueberries, vegetables, and other crops from birds with this high-strength, heavy-duty polyethylene (PE) bird net.PE bird nets are stronger and last longer than polypropylene (PP) or nylon bird nets (which can rot and deteriorate)
  • COMMERCIAL GRADE:This professional grade quality product is currently used by commercial farmers and growers across the world to protect their plants and crops from birds.
  • SUITABLE FOR: ldeal for protecting blueberries, berries, cherries, grapes, vineyards, orchards, fruit trees, vegetables, and other crops. Also effective to use as pond netting or for poultry and aviary game pens
  • UV RESISTANT: This garden/bird net is UV treated for durability and high performance
  • FEATURES: 20mm mesh, does not snag or tangle,100% high density polyethylene (PE) net, reusable, durable, easy to install
  • Usage direction
  • Applications

When using the net please fix the width first and then the length.

Because the mesh is in diamond shape. If net length is stretched and fixed first, mesh width will be smaller, which may lead to insufficient width.

Since the mesh is diamond shaped, different pull-ups will cause variations in length and width of net.Please use as needed.

The sizes may be slightly different because of different measure procedure and tools.

Widely Used And Provide The Best Protection For Plants!

Protection for berries,cherries,vegetables and all crops!
JCPLAS Bird Netting can be cut according to your actual needs without being easily worn, reusable. Sun and water can get through well.
Use some tie-wraps, ground pegs or garden staples to connect multiple net and fasten it to a fence or ground as appropriate . The green color blends in well with the garden.

Enjoy The Joy Of clear pond!
JCPLAS Bird Netting is enough large in size and can provides maximum protection in most areas.
When used in fish ponds, it can keep the falling leaves out of fish ponds.

Privacy Garden Fence Net!
Protect flowers from picking.
JCPLAS Bird Netting can helps you achieve creating a private garden area.
Also Suitable for chickens and rabbits in captivity.

JCPLAS® Specification of BIRD NET

Color Material Net size Weight Mesh size

Dark Green
HDPE Flat weave wire
2 x 3 m
 25 g/m² 20 x 20 mm

Dark Green
HDPE Flat weave wire
4 x 5 m
 25 g/m² 20 x 20 mm
Dark Green
HDPE Flat weave wire
6 x 10 m
 25 g/m² 20 x 20 mm
Dark Green
HDPE Flat weave wire
15 x 10m
 25 g/m² 20 x 20 mm
Dark Green
HDPE Flat weave wire
15 x 20m
 25 g/m² 20 x 20 mm

Any other size is available by customized.