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Where can I buy white forage grass Bale Net wrap

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Bale Net wrap

Forage grass Bale Net wrap is a kind of knitted material net made of plastic yarn produced by knitting machine. The raw materials used for the forage grass Bale Net wrap produced by our company are all brand new materials.
Jiarun Company is a professional manufacturer of white forage grass Bale Net wrap for export. It provides a variety of straw baled nets for export. Generally speaking, we can customize various specifications of white forage grass Bale Net wrap for export according to customers' needs.

What are the characteristics of the Bale Net wrap

bale net wrap

Main raw materials of white Bale Net wrap for export: 100% high purity, high-density polyethylene+UV anti ultraviolet particles

UV anti purple protection: the export white straw binding net can resist 12 months of outdoor UV
Warning line: 450 feet (120 meters) per roll,
The white Bale Net wrap at the exit has a red warning line 4 inches wide
Environmental protection: the export white baled straw net has zero environmental pollution and can be recycled
Please contact our staff if you have any inquiries about the export of the white forage grass Bale Net wrap