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A little about Bale Net Wrap

Date:2022/5/20 12:50:22 Read:12

A little about Bale Net Wrap

As we know, dry cereal crop creates more pressure on the Net Wrap than a grass Hay or Silage bales.
A bigger diameter bale gives MORE PRESSURE on the net and will require MORE turns of net on the bale.

It is important that the correct amount of net is applied to the bale, which can vary depending on a lot of factors:
1. Crop Type
2. Bale diameter
3. Bale handling method 
4. How many times bale will be handled

So the correct number of wraps of Net Wrap is applied to the bale, depending upon the recommended application for the particular crop.
bale net wrap

For best baling results, it is recommended top follow this general guide. The numbers are MINIMUM recommended layers of Net Wrap, on the whole surface of the bale.

Minimum Wrap Recommendations

2.5 wraps for Alfalfa hay
3.5 wraps for Straw, Cereal grains, Wheat hay, Coastal bermuda
4.5 wraps for Corn stalks, Sudex, Hay grazer, Milo stalks