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What is a straw Silage net wrap

Date:2019/4/8 9:47:32 Click:63

What is a straw Silage net wrap?

The straw baling net used for pasture is made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) material, which is drawn and woven by a series of wires. It can also be called hay baling net, hay net, etc. Grass nets can be used not only to bundle grass, but also to bundle straw, straw and so on. The use of straw baling net not only realizes the effective utilization of resources, but also protects the environment and greatly reduces the air pollution caused by straw incineration.

With the national awareness of environmental protection getting better and better, the quality of the environment is getting higher and higher. Attention is paid to the problem of air pollution caused by burning straw after harvest. The straw baling net and straw net used for forage will be the environmental protection products vigorously advocated by the state.