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White Bale net wrap for export

JiarunWhite Bale net wrap for …

non-stretch pallet net wrap is a Knitted Polyethylene netting

Jiarun non-stretch pallet net …

Cover net

Knitted Cover net

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Jiacheng Cover net is a Knitted Polyethylene netting.

Our Cover net to protect your crops in its growing season and keep the birds out. Also can be used to pond protection. Easliy applied as garden netting, fruit tree netting as well.

Technical Features

Popular Size  

 Width  Length
2m 6.65feet 3m 9.84 feet
3m 9.84 feet 6m 19.66 feet
5m 16.4 feet 6m 19.66 feet
6m 19.66 feet 10m 32.8 feet

Other size and color of Bale net wrap available

Virgin Material 100% High Density polyethylene
Environmentally friendly Free from pollution to the environment.


Package Strong PVC bags, strong PE pegs
Carton box packing 60 pics/box, 20 pics/box , 10 pics/box
Based on what size of container

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