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Export white bale netwrap
Export white bale netwrap

Export white bale netwrap

    Export white bale netwrap

White bale net wrap is a Knitted Polyethylene netting.

Ruian Jiarun New Material Technology Co.,Ltd. has been producing round bale net wrap for 16 years. We are the only Chinese manufacturer of hay bale net wrap got the Chinese National Patent from China goverment.

White bale net wrap Technical Features

Popular Size  
Roll Width / Roll Length /
1.22m 48 inch 3000m 9840 feet
1.3m 51 inch 3000m 9840 feet
1.62m 64 inch 2134m 7000 feet
1.7m 67 inch 2134m 7000 feet

Other size and color of White bale net wrap available

Virgin Material 100% High Density UV-stabilized polyethylene
UV protection UV stabilized for 12 month outdoor at least
Warning strip The last 450 feet(120M) of every roll has a warning stripe. It's made 4 inch wide
Free from pollution to the environment,recuclable.

Bale net wrap Packaging

Package Well Covered PE transparent sleeve, sleeve-securing end-bungs
Pallet packing High quality pallet,stretch -film wrapped pallets for roll protection
Rolls per pallet 16 rolls, 20 rolls or 28 rolls.
Based on what size of container

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