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What kind of Bale Net Wrap is needed to pack hay corn stalk etc

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What kind of Bale Net Wrap is needed to pack hay/corn stalk etc?

Bale Net Wrap, suitable for large farms and grassland straw, grass harvesting and storage; At the same time, it can also play a winding role in the forage packaging.

Herbage is the basis for the development of livestock production, especially herbivorous livestock feeding. Forage grass not only contains various nutrients necessary for livestock, but also contains crude fiber, which is particularly important for maintaining the health of ruminants, which cannot be replaced by grain and other feeds. High quality forage is sufficient to meet the nutritional needs of the average animal, and concentrate supplementation is generally not necessary except during production or fattening. Therefore, how to pack and preserve pasture has become an important task for farm managers.

Since the beginning of the last century, the use of Bale Net Wrap in livestock industry has been growing around the world, so it is especially important to choose baling nets.

The Bale Net Wrap produced by JCPLAS(嘉润JIARUN) has the following advantages:

1. Save grass/hay baling time: only 2-3 rounds can be packed, while reducing equipment friction.

2. Strengthen wind resistance, better than the traditional hemp rope, can make hay rotten degree reduced by about 50%.

3. The flat surface saves the time of spreading the net wrap and is convenient for unloading.

Bale Net Wrap is a kind of knitting material net made from plastic  produced by knitting machine.

The raw material used of Bale Net Wrap is virgin material PE including UV.

Net weight: according to different markets and customer requirements.

Net width: below 1.7m(67”), commonly used width are 48”,51”,64”,67”, etc

Net length: 2000-3000 meters (7000’-11800’).

Characteristics: heat/cold resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, breathable.

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