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Professional Bale Net Wrap manufacturer in China

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Professional Bale Net Wrap manufacturer in China

Bale Net Wrap manufacturer - Ruian JiaRun New Material Technology Ltd, formerly known as "Zhejiang Jiacheng Plastic Industry Co.,is an export-oriented enterprise mainly exporting products.

When the factory was founded in 1996, we implemented the four strategies of "export, domestic , new product development and intelligent transformation of manufacturing equipment". 

Bale Net Wrap

After more than 20 years of innovate and transformation, our company has become a leading enterprise in the plastic netting industry with advanced, scientific and technological, unique and practical products such as Bale Net Wrap, Pallet Wrapping Net, Elastic Pallet Net Wrap and Anti-bird Net at domestic and abroad.

A successful company is good at finding and taking the opportunity from the development of society. 

We are proud of that our Bale Net Wrap are the products that are used in a large number of developed countries such as Europe and America in the utilization of agricultural straw resources first.

Our company has been cooperating with SGS and other international testing organizations while conducting self-inspection of our own products for a long time, and the Bale Net Wrap produced by our company is comparable to products produced or sold by famous foreign brands in terms of strength and UV aging resistance by SGS comparison test.


Bale Net Wrap produced and manufactured by JARUN CO. has the following advantages:

1. Save time of forage baling: only 2-3 bales are needed for baling, while reducing equipment friction.

2. Strengthen wind resistance, better than traditional twine, can reduce hay decay by about 50%.

3. Flat surface saves the time of unfolding the net, and at the same time, it is convenient to pick up and unload.

4. The raw material is brand new material HDPE with UV.

5. Net weight: customized according to customer's requirements.

6. Net width: commonly used width 1.05m,1.23m,1.4m,1.6m,1.7m etc.

7. Net length: 2000-3000m.

8. Characteristics: Heat-resistant, cold-resistant, corrosion-resistant, anti-oxidation, breathable.


As an company with commitment, pursuit and ideal, we always keep in mind the original intention of "Honesty and Integrity, Mutual benefit and Win-Win", so that we can make continuous progress and keep our products updated, and have better and greater achievements on the road of serving the green low-carbon development.


Welcome to contact us at any time for information about Bale Net Wrap and more details!