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Premium Agriculture Packing Net Wrap

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Premium Agriculture Packing Net Wrap

Bale net wrap is the leading net wrap and it has become the industry benchmark for PREMIUM net wrap. JCPLAS premium Agriculture Packing Net Wrap brings significant efficiency to the baling operation and produces fully covered bales, consistently, so increasing crop and fodder values.

Why Choose Us【Agriculture Packing Net Wrap

The bale net wrap are strong, the edges are neat, and they are not broken and not loose.

Advantages of JCPLAS premium Agriculture Packing NET WRAP

Other advantages 

     it is not springy like extruded material and very easy on the operator's hands.
     Red color appears in the middle of the roll of the sod when the roll of netting is  
     about to end,making sure you  are not surprisingly left without net.
     100% High Density Polyethylene with UV stabilized for at least 15 month outdoor.
     The knitted HDPE net from JCPLAS for big roll is stronger in the 
      harvest/laying direction.

More information using a bundle of Agriculture Packing Net Wrap, please click: http://www.chinanetwrap.com